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The Power of Images

At the Schools of the Future Conference I attended a session titled, “The Power of Images”. Having a background in photography, I have always been trained to notice the significance of imagery in everyday life. From billboards to magazines to posters and websites, pictures play an important role in developing a sense of emotion and delivering messages.  During the session, Alison Beste brought up the concept of visual literacy, “the ability to interpret, negotiate, and make meaning from information presented in the form of an image, extending the meaning of literacy, which commonly signifies interpretation of a written or printed text.” So how to we feel when we look at imagery? Here are some prompts to consider: -Describe what is in the photograph. -What do you like about the image? Dislike? -How does the image make you feel? -What is happening in the image? -What questions do you have? -What do you think the image is about? -What is

Schools of the Future 2014

This was the fourth year attending Schools of the Future, and I have to admit I didn't find it as fulfilling as in past years. Instead of complaining of the parts I didn't like, I will list the relevant and inspirational bits I was able to glean from the conference: -Jane McGonigal, head advocate for gamification, shared an interesting project she did with the NYC Library System, wherein students found artifacts strewn around the library, learned more about them via QR code, and then wrote their own pieces. These pieces were then printed out and hand bound into a huge book: I liked these ideas for our program: a f2f element, a curated scavenger hunt, students' work that creates an actual product. -Changing your Practice with Game Dynamics: featured an interesting and inspirational real-world, problem-solving video: Yellow Boat of Hope -In The Neuroscience of Inquiry, I learned how pathways of the brain can be retrained and remapped. -The next day, Milto

Professional Development Opportunity: Hawaiian Media Makers Conference

On Oct. 29, I attended the first annual Hawaiian Media Makers Conference at the Ala Moana Hotel, put on by Pacific Islanders in Communication. Some highlights: -The first session I attended was about indigenous property and intellectual rights. This panel talked about the rights and responsibilities we have to original works and their creators. Music created prior to 1974 doesn't have the same rights protection as later works, and can be used widespread, without compensation (think of all the wonderful music by Aunty Genoa Keawe, or older hapa haole music). To indigenize the law, creators can work into their contracts terms that protect their rights and reflect their culture (such as requesting the ho'oponopono process, instead of arbitration and litigation). My take away, for KSDL: as intermediaries between an artist, SME, or other content creator, KSDL can indigenize their process by making sure the rights of the artists are both clear and fair, and that we receive permissio

Hawai'i Education Leadership Summit

This is the first year I have attended the Hawaii Education Leadership Summit, which focused on best practice strategies for integrating technology and online resources.   Summit attendees were from public and private K-12 schools around the state and it was a good networking opportunity to share technology and distance learning needs with one another.   The highlight of the summit was our leadership team having the time to discuss and formalize actionable outcomes to progress distance learning at KS.   Here are our outcomes. Outcome #1 Identify strategies to make KSDL a “one-stop” area for Hawaiian culture and language. Outcome #2 Strategize different online learning models that will ensure quality while being sustainable over time (e.g. development time, revenue generating, etc.) Outcome #3 Identify strategies to have more learner-focused KS online programs through building in hands-on learning. Outcome #3 Identify strategies to incorporate Response t

2014 Hawaiʻi Education Leadership Summit Top 3 Highlights

Attending my first Hawaiʻi Education Leadership Summit was an engaging and meaningful experience for me. Having time with my leadership team to discuss tactical next steps to move distance learning forward at Kamehameha Schools (KS) was productive. Here are my top 3 highlights: Agreeing on desired outcomes and next steps for distance learning at KS. Commitment  to...publicly showcasing KS distance learners' work (hō`ike + pilina + `ike) [showcasing authentic learning + building relationships + share & continually seek knowledge].  Reflecting on where we are in distance learning, but also KS as an organization based upon Steven Edwards' suggested educational models. These models affirmed that we're headed in the right direction. Quotes that struck a chord for me. "Move at the pace of the fastest."  Steven Edwards "To do disruptive innovation, you have to be willing to be misunderstood for a very long time."  Jeff Bezos, Innova