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Social Media and Maslow's Hierarchy

I found this infographic really interesting.  We wonder why people get caught up in social media and what it does for people.  Interesting to see how social media is viewed from Maslow's hierarchy and the social needs of a person.

Top 5 Quotable Phrases from the Creative Leadership Workshop

Last week many of us in ISC attended a workshop called Creative Leadership at the Marriott in Waikiki. Presenter Steve Hammond covered a range of topics such as discovering leadership, creating a high-performance team, developing a creative team vision, and coaching those you lead to performance. While I had some difficulty engaging in the material due to the sage on the stage form of delivery, the presenter did have some kernels of wisdom buried in the six hours of lecture. Here's a few of the best quotes I jotted down: 1. The world is run by those who show up. One of the first things a leader must do is be present. A person may have great talents and ideas, but without one's own initiative nothing will get done. 2. It's not how smart you are; it's how much energy you bring. The second quote is similar to the first. Not only should a leader show up, a good boss sets an example for everyone by actively developing his or her own character and taking an interest

Online courses everywhere

With the Khan Academy launching their iPad apps for all the content they have, it is interesting to see there are more of those types of free online courses out there.  There idea behind what they do is to create a global classroom for education. Udemy is another one like Khan, but there are free courses and paid courses.  The quality of the courses are not bad.  It's design where anyone can build an online course.  The newest one is Udacity .  It is currently in beta format and you can see they are still uploading content, but the focus of their content is made for future schools. For those looking for resources when teaching STEM, this is one place where they deliver content very well.  I can see this as an up and coming resource.

Word 2010 and 2011 Cool Features

There are many new features in the latest versions of Word and here are a few. The Mac and Windows versions differ slightly in what they offer but both have tool Ribbons and most of the features are equivalent. Click the links below to see what's new. I think there are some nice improvements, and few things that are less convenient than they used to be. But overall - two thumbs up! Part I Part II

SIGOL Webinar - Teaching Online: Lessons from the Pros

From the veteran teacher to the novice student, anyone can easily spot the huge disparity between a traditional classroom and an online course. There's no face to face interaction! One of the biggest challenges facing the online instructor is how to bridge this gap and make learners feel like they are part of a larger academic community, not just isolated individuals in front of a screen. During Monday's webinar "Teaching Online: Lessons from the Pros" from the Special Interest Group for Online Learning (SIGOL), three presenters covered a broad array of topics related to online learning, but one theme struck a common chord among all of them. In sharing their experiences, presenters Amy Michalowski (Virtual High School), Kirsten Peterson (Educational Technology Leaders Online), and Matt Huston (Peer-Ed) all mentioned community building strategies as integral to their work. Rather than provide a superficial overview of each presentation, this blog will focus specifi

Convert Adobe Flash FLA files into HTML

Adobe has a codename for an experimental technology that converts the artwork and animation contained in Adobe Flash Professional into HTML called "Wallaby".  This will allow content to be converted for devices that do not support Flash runtimes.  Once files are converted, you can edit them with an HTML editing tool. As a note, not all Flash Professional features are supported in the HTML format.  To try it out, go to .

Hawaiian and Christian Leadership

We are fortunate to work in an environment that has a Values of Virtue for the 'Uhale.  They are: Aloha - Show it, share it, feel it, live it Lōkahi - Unity to maintain harmony, balance & peace Laulima - Working together cooperatively to achieve goals Ha‘ahah‘a - Do all that you do with humility Ahonui - Patience is a virtue Mālama - Protect, maintain, and care for everything Kuleana - Be responsible for your own actions - what you say and things you do Hō‘ihi - Respect Pono - Do the right thing Kahiau - Give generously from the heart with no expectations of a return Kō'kua - Help one another Mahalo - Thankful for all that has been given and received Our organization is based on christian values, but we rarely talk about how it emulates in leadership or our leaders.  Kahu Kordell Kekoa shared about the importance of christian values intertwined with being a leader is key.  Princess Berince Pauahi Bishop left her legacy to invest in the future of education for