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OWAU 2/19: Go 2 Web 2.0

While searching for an OWAU piece to share I came across this site with a list of tons of Web 2.0 applications Some are familiar topics like social networking sites, blogs, share your life story online, share your photos, you get the idea. What I also found was that there were many applications for new ideas, well new to me anyway. I started by just clicking around & looking what was posted, until I realized that there are literally hundreds of applications listed on this site. The good thing is that you can search using tags. Since we’re focusing on marketing this year, I found a few applications that might be useful; of course there are still others on this site too.
Add This This site allows you to create a button & add it to your website. What does the button do? It makes it easier for people to share and promote your content. By clicking on the button the information goes back to a social networking site. This program also …

Maybe the future of online learning?

On January 30th, I attended my first virtual conference called Stepping into Science through Second Life. For those of you that are not familiar with second life, it's a completely virtual way of communicating and networking. Prior to the conference, I had to create an avatar by going to