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Facilitative Skills for Collaborative Leaders

Facilitative Skills for Collaborative Leaders Donna Ching, Ph.D. September 22nd - 23rd, 2014 Facilitative Skills for Collaborative Leaders was two full days of exploring the philosophy, psychology and science of facilitation with Donna Ching.  We were given tools and templates to generate agendas, promote collaborative meetings, and organize the group’s memory.  We then practiced techniques for focusing group members on the tasks needed to develop the solutions they came together to find.   We role-played to practice the language of an artful facilitator as we tried to “legitimize early and often” every person in the group.  This is the most important role of a facilitator.  Groups, especially ones not inclined to work together, need to have every person feel a part of the solution.  If someone doesn’t feel their voice is part of the solution there will mostly like not be a lasting one. The two day training ended with a mock town meeting to resolve a real life situation.

Performance Management in Success Factors

Performance Management in Success Factors with Alt Kagesa September 9th, 2014 Alt Kagesa draws from the everyday and pop culture to bring life to the process and considerations needed to write clear and measurable goals. An example was a funny story from his life about the right tool for the job. You'll have to take the workshop to hear the story, but the lesson was, "Don’t use a wrench when you need a hammer." It’s often not the tool's fault it’s just not being used the way it was designed.  A goal is only useful it is has clear meaning and can gives guidance on ways to reach it.  This approach to goal writing has come to be know as SMARTgoal setting.   A guide for writing quality SMART Goals ( S pecific, M easurable, A chievable, R elevant, and T ime limited) is to use “ 2 BY WHEN “.  It’s simple to remember and easy to use, but takes practice to master so be patient and get feedback.   Here is an  example: “ 2 BY WHEN “ To decrease the t

Artists' reflections on art & life

My very favorite quote by an artist is from Claude Monet. He says: "I would like to paint the way a bird sings." Monet's simple, poetic comment accurately and beautifully speaks to my own aspirations as an artist. During our KSDL meeting on Tuesday, September 16th, I will offer a short presentation that shares various artists' reflections on their art and life. Whether you consider yourself an artist or not, it's my hope that you will find inspiration in their words that touches you in some meaningful way.