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Speak Up 2012 Research and Trends

Here’s a presentation by Julie Evans, Project Tomorrow CEO that shows some of the trends of the Speak Up National Research Project 2012.  The Speak Up National research project gets its data from online surveys and focus groups and is open to all K-12 schools and schools of education.   In 2012, they had the following participants:  K-12 Students:  364,233 Teachers & Librarians:  56,346 Parents:  39,713 School/District Administrators: 6,011 Some of the findings include: Students function as a Digital Advance Team Students regularly adopt and adapt emerging technologies for learning Students’ frustrations focus on the unsophisticated use of technologies within education Persistent digital disconnect between students and adults Exacerbation of lack of relevancy in current education Students want a more personalized learning environment Further findings can be found in her presentation below: Speak Up 2012 Research and Trends: Enabling Technologies & Sti

Google Everything

From Google Search to Google Docs to the upcoming  Google Goggles , it's pretty amazing to continually see new tools appear.....beginning from a simple, free Google email account creation.  In this blog, I'm going to share some of the tools I've recently discovered, explored as well as some that I've used for awhile and are my favorites. Google Search mobile app - I've completely replaced my mobile Safari browser with my Google Search mobile app.  The best feature I've enjoyed is " voice search ." With a simple click on the microphone icon on my iPhone, I can speak into the phone for a simple search.  Even Katelyn, my 4-year old, enjoyed it.  Guess what she searched for?  "Hello Kitty" followed by "Dora the Explorer" Google Translate has most recently been a favorite tool of mine.  Having lost most of my Chinese written language, I've been able to translate some words and phrases conveniently as I communicate via email wi

Leading & Communicating Change: "It's a Marathon" So Get Fit!

On Wednesday, February, 6, 2013, Roxy, Claire, and I had the opportunity to attend the Performance and Development workshop on "How to Lead & Communicate Change" with Alt Kagesa.  He shared his mana'o with accepting change, effective ways to lead change, and inspired us to be champions of change.  Rather than submitting our own responses, we gathered our thoughts and brought them together in a single blog.   We had many takeaways, but decided to keep it practical by sharing some inspiring quotes and strategies that you can use when you are up for catching the wave of change in all facets of your life. The four areas to consider when Leading and Communicating Change: Recognize the "Obstacles of Change."  Charles Darwin once said, " It's not the strongest that survive, nor the most intelligent, but the one most responsive to change."   In Claire's recent past, she dealt with so many changes in her life, like moving to Haw