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Live Streaming the New Vlog?

Mobile devices go everywhere with you and can capture everything you see.
Two apps connect to Twitter so you can create your show on the go, live!  Why?  To share something you are experiencing in the moment, to carry on live conversations for learning, issues exploration or marketing and just sharing because you want to. 

Meerkat was first on Twitter.  Open the app and it immediately begins recording what your phone or iPad camera is seeing,  That, in turn is streaming live to your Twitter feed. You can schedule it to air later if you wish and it will you how many are watching, and even who. When you stop broadcasting, itʻs gone, evaporated.  You can save it to your photostream as the broadcaster, but viewers cannot. Although Meerkat was cut off from Twitterʻs social graph, making it difficult to find other Meerkat users, its developer Rubin got to work. Itʻs now available by businesses on Facebook, has "mobs" of concurrently broadcasting groups, and has created an API fo…
My kuleana for the past two fiscal years has been to lead the KSDL graphics database team. One of my professional development goals this year has been to further develop my understanding and application of effective leadership skills based on DiSC strategies. As leader of the graphics database team, I need to learn how best to lead a team comprised of polar opposite DiSC profiles towards successful outcomes.
In order to better understand my own leadership style and ways to improve, I turned to reading The Eight Dimensions of Leadership: DiSC Strategies for Becoming a Better Leader, authored by Jeffrey Sugerman, Mark Scullard and Emma Wilhelm.
This book clearly and concisely clarifies the differences between eight basic leadership styles. It also suggests numerous ways in which to reach outside one’s comfort zone to incorporate certain aspects of other leadership styles into one’s own. Implementing strengths that differ from yours may feel uncomfortable. However, new insights and putting…