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As you all know I have been working on the A ʻo Kumu Haʻi Moʻolelo Course, and I have been immersing myself in storytelling. What stories should I share? How can I use storytelling as a way to share knowledge and culture? I have been so focused in telling that I forgot the basic principle of communication which is listening. Let’s watch this video from John Maeda who talks about storylistening. I also tried using Zaption (introduced by Dorothy) as a tool for you to learn and interact with this video lesson.  FYI, I am also using this opportunity to test the software and see what you think about it. There is an embed feature but it was not sizing correctly in Blogger. Storylistening using Zaption Tour As we come closer to the end of the fiscal year, think about how storylistening can help us in our projects and how can this skill support the KSDL operational plan, tactical plan and SP2020.