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Podcasting Made Easy

It's rare to go anywhere these days without seeing at least one person connected at the ear or eye to a mobile device. At the same time, people have pockets of time they don't use productively...waiting in line, waiting for the bus, breaks between tasks. So why not combine these common occurrences with podcasts. The Learning in Hand site has all kinds of useful information about podcasting and other kinds of mobile learning. Here's an audio podcast from the 3rd graders at St. Andrew's Priory. Creating a podcast is relatively easy, distribution is free, and its compact, mobile format fits into the lifestyles of youth and modern educators alike. Several earlier blog articles focused on the interplay of graphics and words in learning and memory. Here's an opportunity to be creative with that! Students can download podcasts as they're doing in our courses already, and take them with them. They can also CREATE podcas