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Online landscape drawing course wrapped up!

Refining my drawing skills online with private tutelage from a master? Yes! Last week, I wrapped up a 2nd online 6-lesson colored pencil class with reknowned artist Bet Borgeson. “Landscape Using Photo Referernces as Aids” took me out of my usual comfort zone of drawing intimate scenes and portraits. The intricacies of perfecting an effective landscape drawing pushed me to a new awareness of the importance of color placement in relation to compositional distance. An initial 4x4-inch drawing done for the purpose of learning the method of "gridding" a photo for rendering proportionally on paper by hand For Bet’s critique of my first major assignment, she had only praise. She now features it, along with the composited photos that were used for reference, as an example in the course materials for others to view. See below: Photos taken July 2012. Deer: Todaiji Temple, Japan Stone lantern: at my mother's home in Osaka  However,

Facilitative Skills for Collaborative Leaders with Donna Ching

On Jan. 10-11th, 2013 I attended Donna Ching’s Facilitative Skills for Collaborative Leaders workshop.  It was absolutely worth it! and by far one of the most productive and influential workshops I have attended that I can directly apply to my profession.  The content covered will benefit my personal growth, management, and work ethics.  I’ve come to realize that the process for planning a meeting comes with experience, but also knowing the proper tools to use.  From Donna’s experience and the mana’o she shared, proper meeting facilitation should include the following: Gathering expectations prior to the meeting Being on time Having an agenda Proper introductions Setting ground rules Having and communicating the purpose Staying impartial as a facilitator Legitimizing comments or contributions Redirecting participants Brainstorming, clustering, and decision making Capturing the group’s comments through the group memory board, which is gathered by a recor