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Is Blogging 4 us?

After an inspiring keynote speech at the KS Ed Tech Conference on June 9th, I thought it might be fun to explore the idea of blogging in our department & with our programs. For this OWAU session please read the article found here & post your comments. If you have the time (hahaha) you might want to select one of the web site readings listed in the "Notes" or reference section of the article & share what you learned, too. I was thinking that this might be a way that we can share our OWAU articles without taking up too much time during our meetings. Also, I was thinking about possibly adding blogging to our VSDL newsletter if we decide to move to an online version. Thoughts? Also on a side note, this blog was created using that's affiliated with Google. This post should be private, if I set it up right ;), & only invited people have access. I just wanted to test th