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How to solve impossible problems: Daniel Russell’s awesome Google search techniques You already know many ways to do a focused, productive Google search - enclosing phrases or exact spellings in quotes, using a minus to remove a keyword from the search, or using the Advanced search to limit your search to a time period or location.  But did you know you can also force Google to search the contents of a page as well as the title and keywords by using Intext:[keyword] ? How using " reverse dictionaries " such as ,  to look up words based on a concept?  Learn more in an interesting article by investigative journalist John Tedesco.

FREE Programs and Apps

MindMaple MindMaple Lite is a free download for Windows users who want to create mind maps on their desktops.  Like any good mind mapping tool Mind maps created with MindMaple Lite can include images, links, and text. One of the handy features of MindMaple is the ability to draw loose elements into a group. In other words, you don't have to construct elements in a connected sequence. You can move elements of your mind map into groups after you've put them on the canvas. Completed mind maps can be exported to Microsoft Office. Asana Asana is a task management tool for groups. Asana allows you to create multiple projects and lists of assignments for completing each project. Within each project you can assign tasks to the members of your group. Groups can have up to 30 members in the free version of Asana. Asana provides feeds for your projects so that members can subscribe and receive updates about new assignments and progress toward the complet