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Web 3.0: The Next 5000 Days

"Web 3.0" Kevin Kelly, Wired Magazine Web 3.0 is the next evolutionary step of the internet and is defined by people in the industry who visualize what the internet will be like in the next 10 years. It is estimated that Web 2.0 will run until 2010, so Web 3.0 will be from 2010-2020. The visions of industry experts vary on what they think Web 3.0 will bring, but a general picture emerges with the following characteristics: Personalized internet experience Search engines will capture user profiles and understand the context of your search words thus providing personalized search results These personalized experiences will be gotten through small, fast, highly customizable applications that are pieced together and run on any device (PC or mobile device) with distribution through social networks (no store purchase) and data being stored in the cloud. More “data” will be stored in the “cloud” (online) that will act as a master database and be the foundation of your

Koa Reforestation

M ost of you know, I had the pleasure of being a part of the Koa Reforestation project in the Keauhou forest. It was where we all became one with the forest. As cliche' as it may sound, this was how it was. We were able to escape the busy schedules of work, family, and the city and take in and appreciate what our environment has to offer. Being one with the `aina allowed us all to reflect on what we want and strive for in our lives. Being in 30,000 acres of land with nothing else around you, really put things into a different perspective. Part of this project allowed us to work together and plant Koa seedlings. We did this with the hopes for a better future. We may not see these trees when they are fully grown, but we know we're all working towards sustaining a better future for our children and grand children. If you haven't done so already, take some time to sign up with Patty Ikeda for the next planting. To watch a video on Huaka`i Ho`oilina click here: http:

Tweet, Tweet

So what's all the fuss about. I've been asking myself the same thing but it's time to jump in or move out of the way. Literally, move out of the way and be bypassed :) I really only have my toes in vs. jumping in but at least I'm present. Just like Facebook (which I'm only accepting friends and not much else) I have an account for Twitter but no tweets from me yet. So if you haven't already dove, followed and tweeted now is the time to sign-up: . The video on the homepage from Common Craft was my favorite part so don't forget to check that out. Brent shared some resources with us and I wanted you to read them and post your comments in addition to your experience with Twitter: Use Twitter the Smart Way: "If you’re publishing content, undertaking online marketing, and looking to keep up with the latest trends in anything web related then Twitter should be featuring highly a