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The iPhone by Verizon

Verizon to begin selling IPhone in Jan `11 . Did I get your attention? ;) Ok, here’s my OWAU… I was excited to learn that with the new MS Office 2010 update they also released a “cloud” version of Office. AKA Office Web Apps, the web based version of popular office products such as PPT, Excel, Word, and more was created in part to combat the success of Google Apps. I was hoping that this new release might help our students to better access our content on mobile devices or serve as an option for students, who for whatever reason; don’t have a consistent access to the MS Office suite. I intended to test out Office Web Apps on my iPod Touch. After not being allowed to log in, I did some research on the net and found that at this time, there is a work around so that you can get Office Web Apps to open documents on your iPod however you can’t edit them on your device. Booooo. As for being able to access and edit Office documents from the Web on a computer that doesn’t have Off

Blackboard Mobile Learning for K12

As we are venturing into the larger ocean of learning, this webinar presented why we need to consider to move into the realm of mobile learning. However, I thought I would do a little research outside to see what the forecast is for mobile learning. Today's mobile strategies look at two things: Engage your entire learning community by providing access. Enhance teaching and learning with mobile devices to increase teacher efficiencies. With Blackboard Mobile Learn, we would be able to push out content and provide users access taking learning with them where ever they go. As we look at how to engage our learners, this would be one step closer to building a community of learners by allowing anytime/anywhere access. As we look at how Blackboard Mobile Learn can expand learning for our community of learners as well as on our tri-campuses, let's take a look at some of the data that has been recently published on mobile learning. According to Ambient Insight , who recently publis