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Thinking, Fast and Slow

I recently read this book: Thinking, Fast and Slow  by Nobel laureate Daniel Kahneman. Kahneman is a well established name in Cognitive Psychology, and his theories were the basis for my PhD dissertation in distance learning. His Nobel prize is in economics because his research has such strong implications for marketing, purchasing behaviors, and consumerism. In this book, he explains two mental systems: one is fast and somewhat automatic and the other is slower and more thoughtful. He explains how people come to decisions somewhat impulsively and illogically. The book is written very conversationally, and is easy to read, albeit it's quite long (499 pages!). It has interesting implications for marketing as well as for data collection. Below is a video of Kahneman himself discussing the two types of thinking. Enjoy!

DevLearn 2013

Top 3 things I brought back from DevLearn 2013! Looking back on my trip to DevLearn 2013, I take back three of the most impressive things I have experienced there! Number 1: Guest speaker Jeremy Gutsche, author and founder of My take away from him first and foremost was his enthusiasm for everything he did.  And because of that the rest of the audience followed suit.  Through that presentation he delivered quite a bit of interesting strategies that could definitely help our Distance Learning program.  Below are a few videos that I had captured during the presentation and my comments will follow below them. My takeaway is about the importance of establishing a cultural connection..."your not speaking to me, your speaking with me!" My takeaway from this part of the presentation is that we can assume we know what our clients want by conducting surveys of clients that we already have.  We have to find a way to go into the p