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Top 3 ½  Takeaways from ISTE 2017 Image represents the opportunity to engage the students in what would be a 12 year journey.... 1) Active Learning Active learning seemed to be a over arching principle focused this is in direct focused to address the image above. Limiting seat time… ACTIVE Learning!!! 2)   Breakout EDU presentation with Adam Bellow *Opportunity to meet Adam and have him be a guest speaker in a future PLC contributes to what I planned to take away from the conference to benefit the group and my job. Building professional relationships with key stakeholders is important. “Box of locks in a educational technology conference”..irony if it! Hi Ben, Was great to meet you last week at ISTE. Would love to find a time to chat and learn more - think you are doing some awesome things with Breakout EDU! Best, Adam 3)  Keynote   “You have great taste you can do creative work.” “To do great work y