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Tech Tip: Create a Fillable Form out of a Microsoft Word Document

Joan gives us some great tips on how to create a fillable PDF form out of a Microsoft Word Document. She also shares some tips when working with the Hawaiian Fonts as well as some best practices in creating PDFs. Required Software: Microsoft Word (or a similar program) Adobe Acrobat Pro (or a similar program)

TCC 21st Online Conference - Virtual Makerspaces (Feb. 25, 2016)

TCC 21 st Online Conference – Virtual Makerspace (#tcc21st) Make the Future! Create a Virtual Makerspace Feb. 25, 2016 During this session, we explain and discuss makerspaces and how to leverage the maker movement in online education.   The tinker spirit asks, “How does that works? What would that look like? How can we do it better?” Speaker: Cynthia Calongne – CTU & CCCOnline Presentation --   Recording - TCC Virtual Makerspace 2016 Resources : TCC Virtual Makerspace 2016 Ideas – Google Doc The three types of spaces we live in: Home/work/social == heart/mind/body Spaces 1 st space is where we spend the most time (home) 2 nd space is typically school/work 3 rd space is the area to socialize (feed the spirit) Heutagogy Can we blend meaningful play in everything you do Make things, share things, meet with others List of Physical Make

Learning Forward 2015 Annual Conference

  About the Conference When it comes to learning about educator professional learning, this is THE conference. Join thousands of other practitioners, presenters, and thought leaders that attend each year as they share: How to solve professional development challenges at all levels; New research; Introductory- and advanced-level learning; and The latest topics and data on professional learning best practices and technology. Full day sessions Attended:   A08-Self-Directed Evaluation Conversations (SC) E06-Leadership Moves, Essential Elements: Preparing Schools to Use Data Effectively (SC) K48-Walking the Talk: Reflective Coaching (SC) A08-Self-Directed Evaluation Conversations (SC) -Simon Cording Handout A08 Monday, December 7, 2015 09:30 AM – 11:30 AM and continuing 02:15 PM – 04:15 PM School districts are developing new professional performance review protocols for use in the teacher evaluation process. Understand how communication