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Poverty Workshop Takeaways from Each Persons Perspective....

Claire, Ben, Tye, and Frank were fortunate to attend the Poverty workshop last week and the following blurbs below are the essential takeaways we all got from it. Tye: What questions can you ask yourself to guide your thinking and actions towards community sustainability? Fill in a question for each box that will illicit an action plan. Consider the demographics of our learners, hidden rules for socioeconomic levels and cultures, and resources. Lastly, don’t shy away from the EXPLOITATION box! Resources can be exploited for good. Remove the stigma from the word. Mahalo for taking the challenge to enact systemic change!  Ben:    What do you think various classes think about?  The upper class think about their life's legacy, the middle class tend to think about their current life and the next generation.  The lower class really think about the if they will have food tonight to eat? Claire: One of