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Social Media resources

Just posting here to keep track of resources I find. How to read FB stats 50 ways to grow your email list Responding on social media Google Analytics primer And here are my notes from the first meeting of the Social Media Hui. There was a presentation from Neenz Falafine about building relationships. She says the most important things for SM are: -authenticity -art of the story  Neenz definition of social media: “the use of technology to communicate and collaborate with people across the globe to build a community rich in culture.” She describes how social media should work:  receiving feedback, collaboration (power of getting things to move; mediating with policy, setting up boundaries), must be two way, then it becomes a culture (eg, virtual mancave of slimjim on twitter) -culture: building comfort, making people feel like they belong, psychology of sharing (bringing value and entertainment; defining ourselves to others (contentwise); relationships (keeping