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New Sites to Explore

You may noticed the updated look of our blog, there's a new template feature and it has lots of flexibility to I decided to change it up and give us a fresh new look :). For my 'O Wau, I've been flipping through the June issue of eSchool News. In publications like these, I like to see what new tools are out there and what schools are doing. So I'm getting back to basics and asking you to explore some of these sites: Grockit - like Facebook but for learning. FLVS just did a pilot with their algebra students and will e expanding to incorporate some of the content. I tried my hand at the SAT prep. It's an interesting concept of social gaming and competition while learning. I have an account so e-mail me if you want to use mine. SAS Curriculum Pathways - web-based activities in core subjects for grades 8-12. Lessons take an inquiry-based approach. Watch the tour . BrainPop - animated content organized by subject area with lots of activities. I liked the idea o

‘Āina Ho‘ola Convention

Yesterday (June 9), I attended the convention in Waimānalo. It was a day filled with practitioners and students focused on food sovereignty. This was the last of the three days (I only attended one day) which included workshop and hands-on sessions. The day started off with a plenary discussion on food systems. A familiar face (Keola Chan) was first to speak in the group. He talked about the need to have a relationship with our food, to honor it and make it more of a spiritual experience. The others on the panel went through food the rest of the food system from farmers, chefs, markets and education. This did set the tone for the rest of the day and I was excited to be part of the movement occurring. There were about two hundred people and I was in awe over the diversity, from university to community, and yet there was always a shared common goal. I participated in ‘Ai Pono, Kaulana Mahina and Aquaponics. In the ‘Ai Pono session I heard them talk about health eating but what was