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How to Use Email Marketing to Develop Customers for Life

Aloha all, Here is the webinar that we've been talking about in regards to e-mail marketing efforts to develop loyal customers. Click on the image to access a recorded version or a PDF of the slides. As we draft our PMS goals for this FY and look at our Branch marketing efforts, I thought these would be good tactics or components of a pilot strategy that we could take a look at. The suggestions are pratical and would apply to our A`o Makua audience. Many of the tactics also seem relatively easy to create, sustain, track and evaluate. Here's some basic points from the presentation. Why focus on retaining loyal customers? "Loyal customers are more profitable. It costs as much as ten times more to acuire a new customer than to retain an exiting one." Customer loyalty is determined by three factors: 1. Relationship strength 2. Perceived alternatives (i.e., your competition) 3. Critical episodes - their interaction with you, both positive AND negative Here are some ex

5 rules for your "About" web page

Aloha all, I thought this blog post provided pretty good advice, from our friend Seth Godin, about what to include on our "About" page. For us, it may be combining both our "About" and "Contact Us" pages to make it more streamlined and user-friendly. Looks like something we can work on while we plan for our bigger Web site re-design. Kelly