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Fred Factor

My AGLT buddy and I decided to read and discuss together the book titled: “The Fred Factor.” The Fred Factor delivers a simple, yet powerful people and relationship focused motivational message that we all can be like Fred. Fred has a seemingly less than glamorous job as a mail carrier, but delivers so much more than mail, he consistently delivers exceptional customer service, commitment and builds positive relationships with all his customers. By doing so, he affects all he touches in a positive way and achieves deep personal satisfaction. Can we all be like Fred? Yes, we can, and a good place to start are with the following Fred Principles:  Everyone makes a difference No matter how small it may seem, everyone has the ability to make a difference.   It is ultimately up to each of us to decide to perform our jobs in an exceptional way, regardless of the circumstances.     Success is built on relationships Indifferent people deliver impersonal service.   When a relationsh