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Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into Educational Practice

Learning Mathematics through Language and Culture Why Learn Math Through Culture?? Teach/Learn through sustainable math strategies rooted in culture to strengthen cultural connections and worldviews for math applications. UH Curriculum Aligned to: State and National Math Standards Common Core Next Gen Science Standards HĀ
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Awakening(s) Through Connection Conference - Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into Educational Practice

Awakening(s) Through Connection Conference Integrating Indigenous Knowledge into Educational Practice Friday, October 13, Windward Community College As the title of the conference implies was an opportunity for people to come together to learn about and discuss the integration of indigenous knowing into contemporary educational practice.  It was organized by UH and the Wo Global Learning Champions (WoGLC). The conference exceeded my expectation by not only providing several examples of HCBE integration, but further validated for me that HCBE and STEAM can work in harmony with each other to invigorate learning opportunities.  As a bonus, many of the presenters made a point to include activities for the participants during the sessions.  Some sessions that were attended included: Using indigenous knowledge to generate scientific hypotheses Kalāhū : A PD seminar on teaching and learning through the ‘āina (Teach through the culture) Student Success through EthnoSTEM
Top 3 ½  Takeaways from ISTE 2017 Image represents the opportunity to engage the students in what would be a 12 year journey.... 1) Active Learning Active learning seemed to be a over arching principle focused this is in direct focused to address the image above. Limiting seat time… ACTIVE Learning!!! 2)   Breakout EDU presentation with Adam Bellow *Opportunity to meet Adam and have him be a guest speaker in a future PLC contributes to what I planned to take away from the conference to benefit the group and my job. Building professional relationships with key stakeholders is important. “Box of locks in a educational technology conference”..irony if it! Hi Ben, Was great to meet you last week at ISTE. Would love to find a time to chat and learn more - think you are doing some awesome things with Breakout EDU! Best, Adam 3)  Keynote   “You have great taste you can do creative work.” “To do great work y

Online Teaching Conference 2017: Best Practices and Takeaways

Best Practices  In June of 2017, I attended the Online Teaching Conference (OTC) in Anaheim, California. Interestingly enough, this conference was originally catered to CCC educators, staff, and/or administration, being that there are over 100 community colleges in the state of California.   However, over the years, other external people have heard about the conference and wanted to learn from such a successfully school system, one of the largest community college systems in the nation as a matter of fact! The California Community College (CCC) System really does a great job of collaboration and forming a strong online community. They created a site called the Professional Learning Network (PLN) that all CCC faculty can access and collaborate on. This reminds me of our monthly Professional Learning Community (PLC) as we utilize this time to learn from each other as well as share our knowledge with others who have interest. It would be great if we could form some type of re

FocusOn Learn Conference 2017 Top 3 Takeaways

Attending my first eLearning Guild FocusOn Learn Conference highlighting mobile, games, and video was fulfilling. I look forward to implementing and sharing the many new skills I have learned. Ma ka hana ka ʻike. In working one learns. [ #2088 ] The ʻōlelo noʻeau above describes my experience. One key quote that stuck with me from a session was to budget in " 5+ minutes of playtime daily. " [Take away #1] In order to stay innovative and engaged, we need to cognizantly build in playtime, especially when we have such busy lives. Since returning home, although I have not been able to integrate daily play time, I have increased my time to explore new apps or ideas that come up. I explored the Word Swag app an tweeted for my first play time since the conference ended. My take away #2 was not something new, but a good reminder that the field of instructional design continues to evolve. Although mobile, games, video, virtual reality (VR) are key trends at the moment, it

Tech Tip: Create a Fillable Form out of a Microsoft Word Document

Joan gives us some great tips on how to create a fillable PDF form out of a Microsoft Word Document. She also shares some tips when working with the Hawaiian Fonts as well as some best practices in creating PDFs. Required Software: Microsoft Word (or a similar program) Adobe Acrobat Pro (or a similar program)

TCC 21st Online Conference - Virtual Makerspaces (Feb. 25, 2016)

TCC 21 st Online Conference – Virtual Makerspace (#tcc21st) Make the Future! Create a Virtual Makerspace Feb. 25, 2016 During this session, we explain and discuss makerspaces and how to leverage the maker movement in online education.   The tinker spirit asks, “How does that works? What would that look like? How can we do it better?” Speaker: Cynthia Calongne – CTU & CCCOnline Presentation --   Recording - TCC Virtual Makerspace 2016 Resources : TCC Virtual Makerspace 2016 Ideas – Google Doc The three types of spaces we live in: Home/work/social == heart/mind/body Spaces 1 st space is where we spend the most time (home) 2 nd space is typically school/work 3 rd space is the area to socialize (feed the spirit) Heutagogy Can we blend meaningful play in everything you do Make things, share things, meet with others List of Physical Make